LittleBigPlanet is my boyfriend's new favorite game.

I came home from work today and he was playing it.

I wouldn’t doubt for a second he’s been playing it since he woke up this morning.

Today was insanely stressful, and we were low on people today so I couldn’t get someone to quickly come over to the copy center and deal with customers.

I overheard one woman I helped telling the manager on duty that I was awesome and kept calm under all the pressure, and the manager agreeing with how awesome I was.

I open tomorrow at 8am and run the entire center by myself until my supervisor comes in to start her shift at 230pm

Tomorrow is going to be such a stressful day.

At least it’s also payday so

My days pretty much consist of trying to get my boyfriend to play Bioshock 2 so he can finish it and move on to Infinite.

He was playing it earlier before he left for his appointment and now I’m going to attempt again when he gets home.

I just really, really want him to play Infinite already.

Coincidentally, I’m also playing Bioshock 2 (I’m replaying the entire franchise now that I actually own all three games; I just beat the first one and I’m replaying the second one now.)