What are some good family-friendly games for PS3?

I’m taking my PS3 with me back to my hometown for thanksgiving break next week and my little sister wants to play it. Thing is, she’s 11 and doesn’t really do hardcore games.

And all the games I have right now (inFAMOUS collection, Uncharted 2 and 3) aren’t really family friendly.

Recommendations for retail and PSN games? (:

  1. tiberiouswatson answered: Look into the Playstation Classic games. Should be some good ones there like Crash Bandicoot.
  2. gendertruckery answered: Pretty much anything under the Create, Play, Share label is family friendly. LBP, Modnation Racers… Uh… That’s kinda it.. Also PSN stuff.
  3. mrrotch answered: Look up the downloadable game Journey. Part of what makes it special is you meet random people online, and can only communicate through bings
  4. ofteapotsandbinary answered: LittleBigPlanet is always great
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