My one regret is not telling people “ENJOY YOUR BURRITO” when I worked at Taco Bell.

the opportunity was there and I failed I am a horrible nerdist fangirl

Things I’m a huge fan of but don’t know many people who like it:

Suits (The tv show, but if you love sporting actual suits, totally send me pics, because men in suits is unf.)

Sourcefed / Philip DeFranco / For Human Peoples (Is there like one name to categorize all this?)

Tokusatsu (This is starting to change but there is no such thing as too many toku fandom friends.)

Chris Hardwick / Nerdist (More people need to enjoy their burrito as far as I’m concerned.)

So, if you’re a fan of any of these things, totally send me an ask. Let’s talk about stuff that way I can learn more about you and fangirl over how much cooler you are than me.

And if you and I are already friends… send an ask anyway. We haven’t talked in a while and I think we should change that.

I’m gonna tag this that way maybe I can encounter totally new people who I don’t know exist yet.

I just realized

Jonah Ray’s birthday is August 3rd

Mine is August 4th

Matt Mira’s is August 5th

so that’s a thing

There was this 13 year old at the Nerdist podcast yesterday. During the quemments, she was asked what year she was born.

Instantly everyone, both on the panel and in the audience, was like “NO DON’T SAY IT WE DON’T WANT TO BE REMINDED HOW OLD WE REALLY ARE”

She said “1999” and everyone moaned in agony.

Does anyone know what font is used in the Nerdist logo?

Live Nerdist show on Saturday, February 2nd here in San Francisco, as part of SF Sketch Fest.



I’ve never seen these boys live and in person and junk

So this’ll be my first time