(Somewhat)Fullproof plan to win at tag battles.

I’m gonna start building a Hero deck. A friend of mine uses strictly Hero decks and I figure our chances of winning will increase if our decks are built similar to each other.

I only have 39 cards with “Hero” in the name, so this’ll be interesting.

I’m teaching my little sister how to play Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Since I traded my GBA copy of Eternal Duelist Soul back in high school (somuchregret) I downloaded a ROM of it and put an emulator and ROM onto my dad’s computer.

I found that game to be pretty easy (especially against the earliest opponents) so she’s learning how to play via that.

And, because playing any ROM with a keyboard is just insanity, she’s playing using my wired Xbox 360 controller plugged into the USB port, with the buttons mapped.

I’m an awesome big sister.